The most interesting part that comes is the customers, traditions, and hospitality of Kashmir for which it is known for. The pleasant-sounding name “Kavin” means “handsome.” It’s a suitable name for a pretty Kashmiri boy. The sweet Kashmiri name “Aasha” refers to “hope.”, It is a Muslim name of Arabic origin, meaning “alive.”, The Persian origin name “Bareen” means “the highest” or “supreme.”, The old yet powerful name “Chandrakanta” means “the moon,” “the wife of the moon,” or “the moonstone.”, Didda Rani was the ruler and queen of Kashmir from 980 to 1003 CE. Such type of shawl is made with the wool of Pashmina and is ai to have the blend of rabbit fur as well. It is said that skull caps protect them. A white piece of material is hung on their shoulders like a stole. The Sanskrit name “Satyen” means “Lord of the truth.” If you want your son to follow the path of truth, Satyen could be a good choice. The ornaments are splendid and there are also headgears which both men and woman wear. It is a variant of “Farukh,” which means “fortunate.” It is a common name among the Kashmiris. COD. Shared Names . Aries Krittika. 60 Evil, Vampire And Demon Baby Names – Any Takers? 06th Apr, 2017. In Jammu and Kashmir even though modern styling has recently come up but there are still so many people who to date follow the typical Kashmiri dress. However, taking about the traditional Kashmir girl that wears their religious dresses are listed below: Don’t keep your eyes wide open when you see a Kashmir woman wearing such a graceful stunning dress. It is one of the names of “Lord Shiva” and means “one-eyed.” You can name your son “Ekaksha” to seek blessings from God. The trendy twist in the traditional phirans of Kashmir. The  Sanskrit name “Subash” means “gift of God.”. The Arabic name “Sugra” or “Sughra” refers to “small.” Not many have used this name, so your little girl can be lucky to have it as a unique name. The men wear a skullcap, a close-fitting shalwar (Muslims) or churidar pyjama (Pandits). So, if you are looking for some traditional English boy names, do go through our list below. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. The name “Janan” is pleasing to the ears. Parveen It is a unique name usually given to Hindu girls. The clothing is made to ensure that it surely keeps the people warm enough in eth cold climate all the time. As the women of Jammu and Kashmir are known the best for their beauty, the use of these types of jewelry adds more plus in their magical appearance. As we have stated earlier, girls and boys both can wear the Pheran. If you are keen on exploring the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir in through their clothing section too then surely you are at the right place. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(}} The adorable and unique name “Kongposh” refers to the “saffron flower.”, The Kashmiri name “Lakshita” means “distinguished” or “unique.”, The name “Madhunisha” is full of grace, and it refers to “a pleasant night.”, It is a Muslim Kashmiri name for a girl that refers to “moonlight.”, It is a Muslim name often used by Kashmiris. Dress. While there is a range of popular baby names to choose from, traditional names exude a charm and elegance that will always remain in style. She was the Kashmiri queen of Pratapaditya-II. It was believed that India was earlier ruled by different rules like Persians and even Greeks. Traditional Dresses of Jammu and Kashmir for Men Pehran is the most typical attire of Kashmiri men which both Muslim and Hindu wear. The Sanskrit word “Ruhani” refers to “spiritual.” TIt’s a pretty name for a girl. “Mahrosh” refers to “a piece of the moon.”. The Kashmiri Muslim name “Mahbeer” means “brave.” It’s indeed a mighty name for a boy. Only Genuine Products. Also, “Iravati” is one of the wives of Rudra. Phiran dress … Which give you and innocent look. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. and . Aaditya. Ladies of this region are absolute gorgeous! In modern days, however, the youth of Kashmiri people now have replaced the typical attire with that of jeans and shirts. Kashmiris commonly use the Hindu name “Ravinder,” meaning “the sun.”, The word “Salsabil” refers to the “spring in paradise.”. The costumes do have some of the great artwork that you can see in the form of embroidery work. KFD-Kashmiri Boy fancy dress for kids,Indian state traditional wear for Annual function/Theme party /competition/Stage Shows/Birthday Party Dress. Beautiful Kashmiri Names For Girls, With Meanings, Beautiful Kashmiri Names For Boys, With Meanings, 18th Week Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, And Body Changes, 5 Effective Ways To Stop Your Kid From Biting Nails, Top 25 Bread Recipes For Kids That You Can Try Today. Men usually also wear a skull cap with a salwar which is tightly worn. As per the Hieun Tsang, It is believed that Kashmiri people are usually dressed in the clothes that are made of white linen while the dresses also have a leather doublet too. Picture detail for Kashmiri Girls Dress : Title: Kashmiri Girls Dress Date: May 30, 2020 Size: 91kB Resolution: 900px x 1113px More Galleries of Kashmiri Traditional Dresses For Girls Other than this traditional garment as said earlier is Tehran and is quite loose in fitting so that Kangri can fit well. It is a popular name given to girls. It is a feminine form of the name “Inayat.” “Inaya” in Arabic means “care,” “concern,” or “solicitude.”. The typical dress of a Kashmiris man both Hindu and Muslim is Pheran, a long loose gown hanging down below the knees. The costume also called pheran or pravarna. If you live in cold zones, these are a must pick online shopping items from Kashmir. However, when the festival comes, or there is a special event like a wedding ceremony you can find them wearing a traditional dress which is quite common. The uncommon name “Tanka” means “victorious.” It’s an appropriate name for your son. “Nakul” is aprince and one of the Pandavas. They had their stronghold on the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In Srinagar, it is called as the khan dress. “Neeraj” means “born from water,” “pearl,” or “lotus.” 80. As per the region’s historic era, it has also stated that the cultural attributes of Persians and Greeks reflected the inhabitant’s attires with a lot of embroidery on it. Are you from Kashmir and want to keep a good names for your babies then all you want do is to visit our website You can also see a loose trouser which is of loose-fitting that too with shoes that don’t have lace which is called Gurgabi. and "How Beautiful Kashmiri Girls! Pick a name that not only sounds beautiful but also has a story behind it. There I a white turban that is also tied in the skull cap. Pherans, Kashmiri jackets and coats have a huge demand among various styles of Kashmiri dresses online. Some of their nicknames and surnames are common among Muslims and Hindus. “Iksha” is a delightful name meaning “sight.” It is suitable for a Kashmiri girl with beautiful eyes. You can find them often wearing Pheran. In the “Paradise on Earth,” the names of girls and boys are generally coined to encapsulate the region’s rich heritage. Since Jammu and Kashmir have the people with Hindu and Muslim dominance the most, the attires are more or less the same with a less difference which is hardly noticeable. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. This is a perfect blend of Iranian and Indian clothing. It is a feminine name of Arabic origin. Know for the scenic beauty, Jammu and Kashmir are one of the most beautiful places that you can come across. The clothing is tied at the waist and ankles, with a knot at the waist. From shop AngadCreations. This is a long loose gown that hangs down below the knee area. Before we move on to understanding the traditional dress, along with pehran it is the traditional Cashmere wool product which is quite popular. No doubt that Jammu and Kashmir is a lovely place and if you are planning to visit this place soon then make sure you at least once try wearing this amazing traditional dress. The different colors, catch the attention of others. It is an Arabic name with multiple meanings, including “unique,” “sole,” and “one.”, The Hindu name“Yasomati” means “successful lady.”. The Sanskrit name “Sajili” means “decorated” or “adorned.”. It is now time to pack your bags and plan a trip to Kashmir. Your Kashmiri boy can be named “Ghanim,” a unique Islamic name that means “successful.”. Buy KAKU FANCY DRESSES Kids Red Kashmiri Girl, Indian State Traditional Wear Costume for School Annual Function/Theme Party/Competition/Stage Shows/Birthday Party Dress online at low price in India on Kashmiri people usually practice Hinduism, Islam and even Buddhism. It refers to “the universe” or “all being.” “Kaiynat” is a classic name for a girl. KAKU FANCY DRESSES Kids Red Kashmiri Girl,Indian State Traditional Wear Costume for School Annual Function/Theme Party/Competition/Stage Shows/Birthday Party Dress 3.6 out of 5 stars 10 ₹ 799.00 Most of the garments are made of wool, silk designed with intricate embroideries and cotton. The name has its origin in Sanskrit and means “happiness.” Naming your son “Indraghosh” can bring immense happiness to your home. As said weather does have a strong impact which means since it is chilly most of the time, the dresses are made accordingly. The Muslim name “Kanval” refers to “a flower.” Pick this name if your little girl is soft and delicate like a pretty flower. Christen your newborn baby boy with a traditional Kashmiri name that would be with him forever. The traditionally Poots & Pheran is the most popular form of dress among both men and women With Mughal type Turbans, headgear, Taranga Belt of Pashmina and colored scarf. If you are planning to visit Kashmir soon then surely you will enjoy wearing it.