Guide by MarioDragon. There's a lot of silver around the mine, take time to get some if you need cash badly. Travel to Azura's Shrine and speak to Mels Maryon there. UESP:Oblivion Map. Link; Reset; Map Key; Help; Discuss; UESP Home 2 - Azura's Shrine 3 - Temple of the Ancestor Moths Ayleid Ruins - elfish remains of an ancient civilization that ruled Cyrodiil before the Empire was proclaimed. Instead, I got the message: Shrine of Azura demands a more powerful champion to begin this quest. Question asked by Kiri sai on Jun 13th 2008. Shrine of Azura. The shrine of Azura in Morrowind is by far the most astounding, as is many other places unique to that game. Mels Maryon's disposition must be at least 60 before he'll tell you how to converse with Azura. All of them are basically about finding a shrine, making an offering, and performing some kind of dungeon-like task. I used Malacanth's item and would also suggest Molag Bal's. Take it back to Martin. I'M STILL FREAKING LEVEL ONE! After reading the book, you learn the location of the Shrine of Azura, which if you consult your map, is marked near the upper northeast corner of the map, straight up from the Dagon Shrine cave you were at a couple quests ago. HINT: The Azura mission is one of 15 daedric quests. ! Now, the goal of this quest is to bring a Daedric Artifact to him, but it doesn't have to come from the Azura Shrine. When you return to Azura, you'll receive an artifact. Home PlayStation 3 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Questions. When you get there, talk to Mels Maryon after persuading him enough to like you about the Shrine of Azura. The item you get fromthe Azura's shrine quest is a fairly potent one so I would recommend doing a different Deadric shrine quest that has a lesser item to be sacrificed. Azura's Shrine is located far north of Cheydinhal, right above the first 'n' in the faded 'County Cheydinhal' text on the world map. Download map now! In Oblivion, all content in the open world had to be made as simple as possible to avoid engine glitches, Daedric shrines are no exception, some of the quests are still fun tho. Last Modified: Nov 11th 2008. SHARE. Shrine of Azura. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough! In order to fufill the :Blood of a Daedra" quest you need any Daedric artifact which will be consumed in the process. After I talked to Martin (took the book too) and started mission: Blood of the Daedra, I went to the location of Shrine of Azura. The Minecraft Map, Shrine of Azura., was posted by Igor_Timofeev. Azura is directly east of the Cloud Temple and just north of Cheydinhal. I tried to initiate the mission but failed.