The final result will have a transparent background if saved to an appropriate file type. You can leave this as the default Layer 0, and click OK. You've now unlocked your background layer, and anything you delete from it will be transparent. How to Change the Background Color of a Picture in Photoshop. Raster to Vector, About UsContact UsTestimonialsGalleryBlog, Home 744 Free images of Photoshop Background. That said, if by "saving an image wihtout the background" you mean having a transparent background, that is impossible with JPEGs as that file fomrat does not support transparency. If you need to use an image for graphic design work or for a website, having a transparent file is a must. The Image Size and Canvas Size fields should automatically fill in the values you set when you create the file. By lowering the opacity, you are able to see small white and grey squares behind the image. Smaller dimensions mean a smaller file size. Click the Auto-Remove Background button. Make sure that Save Transparency is checked (lower left corner in Photoshop CC 2017). Multiple Clipping Path Therefore, you need to save it in PNG or GIF format. Now we have selected all areas: After we have selected all the white areas, just click “Del”. Once process completed, preview will be displayed in canvas and download button will be enabled. How to create a transparent background for a product image in Photoshop. Click near the car and just move the cursor around it. * Select white background with any selection tool provided by Photoshop. On the right side in layers, click the left mouse button on the lock as usual. 2. 3. These steps are the same no matter what file format you started with, whether your original file was a JPG, AI, PDF, or other file format. It's a good idea to keep your optimized image files separate from your original image files to avoid confusion when loading your images onto your site. Open your Layers panel. Save your image in the proper web-ready format. To conclude this, the overall tutorial is suitable for all levels of learners since this article is prescribed you with all possible know-hows to make an image background transparent in Photoshop. If you're opening a vector format file, however, you'll need to make sure your settings are correct in the dialog box that appears: If you're working with a vector file, you can skip this step. Your website's logo files should also be created with transparent backgrounds so that you can place the logo anywhere on your site, regardless of the page's background color. Step 1: Open Photoshop. Transparent Black and white. Learn how to use layers in Photoshop with this tutorial In such cases, it would be convenient to load a PNG image, as it can provide the desired conversion. This will help it look crisp on all devices. The background will be out. Browse the rest of our Photoshop tutorials. Wherever you see these grey and white checkers means that will be transparent when saved in the right file type (PNG). How to make an image transparent in Paint 3D. The advantage over PSD is that you can use LZW compression for TIFF files, consuming less disk space. Type a name for the image into the File Name field, then click the Format drop-down menu and choose the PNG option. Let’s start this tutorial off with one of the most popular programs used by photographers: Photoshop. Press E to access the eraser tool and zoom in to carefully erase any mistakes. Making transparent backgrounds in Photoshop is just the beginning. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. After we had selected the location and named the file, click “Save”. Let’s open the logo first. Reminder: I want to pay your attention that First and Second method can be used if the background of the image is monotonous, for example, only white or only red, etc. But you can change these settings before making Photoshop transparent if you want. For example, we can place it on a photo-. How to Make an Image Transparent in Photoshop. You will see that the bird has been isolated and the background has been made transparent. It will hide everything selected. Before you follow the last step to save your work as a transparent image, you should erase any marks that may have been missed when you cut your image. Once you have just your product selected, select the inverse by typing SHIFT+CTRL+I (SHIFT+COMMAND+I on a Mac), or by choosing Select > Inverse from the dropdown menu at the top of the application window. For this purpose, we search in a palette of layers a field with the corresponding name. After selection, go to the top menu to “Selection” => “Inversion” or just press Ctrl+Shift+I (Cmd+Shift+I). 1228 1233 112. You can also enter an exact number in this field. Your background will now be transparent. How to Use the Healing Brush Tool in Photoshop? In general, that’s all you need to know about making the image transparent. The first step is to create a file. As we can see, the car became semi-transparent; and through it, the background in the form of squares has appeared. Save the car in PNG format and let’s take a look at the result. Sitemap. Begin by opening your multi-layer Photoshop file with the transparent background. How to Use Photoshop to Make a Picture Transparent. In the Photoshop graphical editor, open the image. Transparency (called “Opacity” in Photoshop) is changing very simply. How to Make a Transparent Watermark in Photoshop. Transparency is only supported in PNG format. Reminder: Adobe still offers the option “Save for Web & Devices” in Photoshop CC 2015 and it is available via File > Export menu or by using Command+Option+Shift+S (for Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S (for PC). Clipping Path India is a brand of Outsource Experts Ltd. © 2021 All rights reserved. We appreciate the use of any of the three ways to achieve the desired effect. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be making a text-based watermark so start by launching Photoshop. Like we did in Step 1 when we made a product image background transparent above, you'll need to double-click the Background layer in the Layers panel and click OK to convert the Background to Layer 0. Make an existing image’s background transparent. Photoshop allows you to create images with transparency (transparent backgrounds, layers or portions) using various transparency options through the opacity meter or the background options that appear when you create a new document. The background is going to be white and that’s really how Paint handles transparency. On responsively designed sites, a featured product with a transparent background can interact differently with its background depending on the user's screen size. Neck Joint So, we have focused on the Magic Wand. Since the image is linked, any change that you do in Photoshop will reflect automatically in InDesign. Using Photoshop to create a transparent background, and then saving the file in the appropriate web-ready format, is remarkably easy once you know what you're doing. And press the Delete key on the keyboard to get the background transparent. Also, select Transparent from the Background Contents drop-down list. Click File at the top of the window, then click Save As. Here’s how to do it in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017… quick and easy. If anyone knows how to use Photoshop software, then everything will be helpful for them. Save as a PNG. When you create a new file with a transparent background, it will show up as grey and white checkers. So you don't need to reduce your image proportions when you save your logo file. Now that you have made your background transparent, you should save your image in PNG format, following these simple steps: • Press “Control + D” for PCs or “Command + D” for Mac to deselect your logo • Click “File” on your menu and then select “Save As.” • Select “PNG” as the file format. Correct answer by bzareenk | Enthusiast You can do it by removing the background completely and use the shortcut (shift+ctrl+alt+s) which will take to you save for web window.Select png-24 for a high quality image from the dropdown and it should serve your purpose. Remove the background using the “Quick Mask” mode. Name the image file and make sure its extension is set to .png. 254 256 44. Selecting the background of a logo file is slightly different from selecting the background of a product image since the background of your logo is most likely all white. Use the image in the layered file In other words, if you know your product will show at 400px wide at its maximum, you'll want to make it at least 600px wide here. File Saving Before you make the photo transparent in Photoshop, you need to know that since CC 2015, the “Save for Web & Devices” option in the “File” menu is marked as Legacy ( outdated ). To use the Export option, click on the File menu and then click on Export As. Sign in to your free Adobe account. Images in Photoshop? For the demo, we need some images. Now click on the “Magic Wand” tool and in the “Tolerance” we set the parameter “10”: Remove the background using the Magnetic Lasso tool we need to select it first-. How Should I Choose the Color for My Product Background? Semi-transparent images are used on websites as a background or miniatures for posts, collages, and other works. After all, with a magic wand, we can select all the elements in a couple of clicks. Photoshop Space. And on the keyboard press the key “Delete”. 2. If the selection isn't perfect, you can use the Magic Wand tool to remove more of the background from the selection, or add more of the product to the selection, depending on how the selection. In the Layers panel, double-click on the Background layer. Create your logo or image on the checkered background. You can save as a transparent TIFF file from Photoshop. Get Quote Certain image formats do not support transparency. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. In the Save dialog box, choose the folder where you keep your web-ready product images. Next, select the file of the logo and place it on. You will now have removed the background in Photoshop. Then, click on Select Subject from the Options bar at the top of the screen. Two More Quick Tips for When you Make a Logo Transparent in Photoshop. It doesn’t support the alpha channel so you can’t get the same transparent background you could if you were to use or you can use Paint 3D. Once you have finished creating, you must save a transparent image, depending on the version of Photoshop you are using, in the “File” menu. In the DCS Format dialog box, select the options you want, and click OK. 1048 1005 172. Banner Plate Signboard. Frame Photo Frame. The resulting image in PNG format looks as follows: Often the background of a picture covers a lot more. 1. On the right-hand side of your dialog box, under Image Size, you have the option to adjust the dimensions of your image. Also set color strength to detect and remove neighbour colors. Replace your backdrop with something that pops. Now, we can see the background of the image through the glass. Finally, the article tells you how to place your logo on any background in steps. Drop image in tool, then click background color of image to remove and make transparency. Keep the transparent background or choose a solid color. This indicates that there is no background behind the layer, and therefore we now have an image that is semi-transparent. Color Correction This is because logos tend to have only one or two colors, unlike the thousands of colors that exist in a product image. Three different ways can be applied to remove the white background those I’ll explain back-to-back as follows. Select the tool in the left panel. Go ahead and hit “O” to open an image, or click on File–> Open. Following description is about the easy steps about transparent background image creation. In “File name:” give the picture a name, in “File type” find and choose the format “PNG”. Creating a transparent background in Photoshop is just the first step; you need to make sure you save your product image in the correct format in order for it to display with a transparent background on your ecommerce website. Transparent background is easy to create with the Photoshop. How to Make an Image Semi-transparent in Photoshop. Then, in the Layers panel, make sure you are working on a transparent layer, not on the background. Click on the “Save” button. We will get the following effect: As we can see, there are still white areas inside the logo and text. Note: If you're using an older version of Photoshop, and you don't see the Export As... option, you can choose Save for Web and select PNG-24 from the Preset dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the dialog box. The first step starts by opening the image into Photoshop in JPG format. Then we need to save the picture in the right format. Because it seems to keep a white background anyway after saving it. Writing has always been something for him which denotes scrutinizing data in an innovative way. Open your product image in Photoshop. Looking to learn more? Do not check Smaller File (8-bit) — this converts the file to a PNG-8. When you look at the layer palette, you will see that the layer is locked (lock icon on the layer). This format allows for multiple layers of transparency, meaning your image will never have a pixelated "halo" when placed on a different color background. But if the background is multi-colored or has other images behind, it is better to use the third method. Photoshop displays a transparent background as checkered, though it will be transparent in the final PNG version. Open the image in Paint 3D. Once you have finished creating, you must save a transparent image, depending on the version of Photoshop you are using, in the “File” menu. Be sure to pick PNG if you want to keep your piece’s transparency. Showcase your … A logo with an opaque background might not blend well with the website’s background compared to one with a transparent background. Type CTRL+D (COMMAND+D on a Mac) to deselect your selection. In digital photography, transparency is the functionality that supports transparent areas in an image or image layer. Also, you can take help from an expert like offshore clipping path company to process your urgent image. For this example, we'll use an image of a wristwatch taken against a white background. I took this one-. However, if your logo is saved as a JPG, you'll need to remove the background in Photoshop and resave your file as a PNG-24, just like we did for the product image in the example above. Click the eye icon next to the background layer to hide it. Once you are finished creating and are ready to save your transparent image, from the FILE menu, depending on your version of Photoshop you may have one of two options: . Once you’ve learned how to make an image transparent in Photoshop, it’s important to make sure that you can use those images without them accidentally taking on a new background when you open the file. When your design is complete, save the changes with an appropriate file type so the transparency stays in the final product. Choose File > Save As, and choose Photoshop DCS 1.0 or Photoshop DCS 2.0 from the Format menu. Save the file. 1. A New Layer dialog box asking you to rename the layer will appear. Next, click with the left mouse button on the white field. 6. You'll now have a transparent background, represented by a gray and white checkerboard pattern. This is a better way to use for photos, or for elements with a multicolored background and content that the “Magic Wand” does not recognize correctly. E-com Image Editing, Image Masking powered by Disqus. When you save your photoshop file, you’ll be able to choose from a few different file types. Now save the image as a .PNG file to preserve its transparency. Follow these steps: * Open Gif in Photoshop. Keep your dimensions at the same size as the original file you have been working with, and click Save. 4. 419 403 68. Now, we will work with an image that you can see below- we have a high-way road there; and on the road, we put the car. Bio: With over 18 years experience as a graphic designer, Becky is passionate about helping people enhance their content by mastering image manipulation software. 3. Click Open. We'll walk you through this simple process in the tutorial below. Open your product image in Photoshop. The steps in this article were performed in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Since the windows in the car have the properties of translucent background, let’s apply the effect of semi-transparency only on the front window of the car. All we have to do is to save our logo by following the instructions below: Now we can use the logo on any background. The result of completing these steps will be a .png file with a degree of transparency. This is important to keep an eye on because larger file sizes will make your web page load more slowly. Choose the Magic Wand tool from the Toolbar and click on the white background of your logo file. Create a new document with your preferred dimensions. Photoshop Versions Pre-CC 2015: Versions of Photoshop that were released prior to version CC 2015 utilize the SAVE FOR WEB & DEVICES method for saving and optimizing PNG images for web use.