Though ideally these steps will be enough to bring the dispute to a satisfactory resolution, sometimes more drastic steps are required. Personally I think it is criminal what the credit card companies charge for chargebacks. How do I open a dispute with a seller when a purchase goes wrong? This charge back most likely was initiated by the buyers cc that was used in the eBay transaction & PayPal refused to fight it for unknown reasons. How do I provide documents to PayPal? There are time limits on disputes. if you don't receive anything within the time limit of the dispute, keep the dispute open. I have a 14 day return policy. The item is not even in my history it is so old -just my email. eBay - max 30 days from 1 days after the expected date of delivery. eBay Money Back Guarantee policy 560671808734 5b83243e-d2c3-42a9-970a-5d9c1e8aff90:176cf3f3b33 19997 OP, in future, never let a Chinese seller string you along. Hopefully the OP has some luck through PayPal, but if the seller has a tracking number, then the OP will lose the dispute. To ensure all of our members have a great experience on eBay, most purchases are covered under the eBay Money Back Guarantee. The request timed out due to no activity, what else was eBay supposed to do? Same as your banks cc. Can I get the return request closed since it … eBay doesn't like poor sellers any better than buyers do—after all, eBay's business model depends on happy customers.And honestly, most sellers want customers to be happy because they want buyers to return to eBay and purchase more items. I didn't add tracking because the item is $10 and $10 for postage. If he is beyond the time limits and chooses to pursue a small claims case, you will still lose. How do I provide additional information or evidence to help resolve a dispute or claim? I may be wrong here, but logically the primary reason for extending the disput time to 180 days is the general time limit for chargebacks is 180 days. The first step is to contact the member through … Paypal - 45 days from the payment date . When an unpaid item case closes without the buyer paying, the seller will automatically receive a final value fee credit from eBay, and we block the … Obviously you would know that. You snooze you lose. A buyer just opened a return request 50 days after purchase saying there was a problem with the item. How do I escalate a dispute to a claim? A seller opened a dispute on day 60 - I thought the limit was 45 days? Ebay insists that each dispute is investigated before refunds are issued. How do I close a PayPal dispute or claim? If a buyer has a history of unpaid items on eBay, we may place limits on their account or even restrict buying privileges. What is the difference between a dispute and a claim? Is it the same thing with return requests? We always encourage our members to communicate with each other when there's a problem with a transaction. Ebay cases can only be opened 30 days after the estimated delivery. Anyone can explain? They can open the dispute passed the time limit as a means of communication but if they try to escalate it, it will close in your favour. He has your recent emails. PayPal gets hit hard by chargebacks. eBay dispute (MBP) Thread starter akkkmed; Start date Aug 28 ... eBay and PayPal will not cover you as it has passed the 45 day from the time of sale. PP or Ebay will eventually refund you if the seller doesn't respond. So what is PP's time limit to dispute transactions?